Arduino Flash communication AS2

Tutorial that explains how to setup communication between Arduino and Flash with provided example files. Update : See Arduino Flash communication AS3 – As3Glue bundle for an Actionscript 3 tutorial. You can read sensors connected to the Arduino in Flash and send output information to actuators connected to the Arduino. Communication between Flash and Arduino is setup with the Serialproxy program that converts serial strings in to XML socket data. The zip package can be download from : UPDATE : Serialproxy doesn’t work anymore under Snow Leopard ( osx 10.6 ) without installing Rosetta. However you can also use Tinkerproxy2. That works in the same way as Serialproxy. Just rename your serproxy.cfg to tinkerproxy2.cfg or you can rename the program tinkerproxy2 to serproxy. See the Playground in Arduino for more Flash implementations :