De Verleiding (The Seduction)

‘De Verleiding’ (the seduction) is an exhibition by the 2nd grade students of the study Art & Technology (Saxion, Enschede). The assignment: Make an interactive art installation that seduces people and that fits in a shop. All teams are assigned to a shop in a shopping street in Enschede. During this project they have to shown everything they’ve learned the last two years (in the third year they start with their internship). Apart from the installation, they also have to make a website, a pre-visualization, a ‘making of’ movie, poster and invitation. They have 10 weeks time to finish and present the project with a group of 5 members. Since the 4 years my colleagues and I teach Physical Computing with Arduino and Flash (see my tutorials on Flash Arduino communication). The students are not allowed to make use of standard keyboard/mouse interaction, so they used Arduino in all of the projects. Apart from that some students used computer vision as well as input. Each team gets a laptop to use in the project, but some take the challenge to make a complex installation running on Arduino only. This year 24 groups did their presentation. The level was really high and they’ve made some really good installations. Its a touch job to make something that functions good in hard- and software. My three personal favorites below.

Kosmic Kitchen – Digital Praxinoscope

A modern tribute to a historic invention. The Praxinoscope is a installation of 16 mirrors on a spinning wheel, when spinning it shows the 16 frames and you’ll get an illusion of movement. You can select animations and background colors with an old fashioned telephone dialer. The group made a beautiful looking and good working installation that fits perfect in the shop.

Hardware – software : Arduino Mega, 4 RGB leds, telephone dealer, record player, microphone, Sharp distance sensor, Flash, Arduino AS3 Messenger.

Comicasa – Welke actie held ben jij ? (Which action hero fits you ?)

In a few questions, a fingerprint scan and a face scan this installation detects which superhero fits you the best. The phone rings to attend you that you can see your superhero combination on the website and on Twitter. The installation is placed in the Comic book and game store Comicasa. The installation works perfect and uses the curiosity of people find out who fits them and of course the vanity of their picture on the web. Its designed like a console and they made smart use of the laser cutter to cut the frames and logo. Hardware – software : Arduino, Switches, Pressure sensor, PIR, Ledstrip, servo motor, Flash, PHP, MySQL, As3Glue.

Bagels and Beans: Bagel Balance Board

Balancing on a seesaw you have to put together your favorite bagel. You’ll have to gather a maximum of 5 ingredients and if you succeeded a ticket is printed with the ingredients for a discount price. A simple game that works out great with the seesaw balancing board. The installation integrates nice in the environment of the shop and the combination of a discount ticket for a bagel is really motivating for the players. Hardware – software : Arduino, Sharp distance sensor (seesaw), buttons, leds, Flash, As3Glue.

De Leckernij: Cheezy

A old fashioned game where you have to feed “Boris Slagmuis” a piece of cheese. With 2 buttons you have to move a ball to the right hole. I nice hardware only installation which uses 2 Arduino’s, a Vmusic, two servo’s and different sensors. Nice design and great use of electronics. Hardware – software : Arduino (2x), Flex sensor, PIR, LDR, arcade buttons, leds, Vmusic.