MediaLAB Amsterdam: Quartz Composer Flickr stream

Flickr to polaroid style picture stream in Quartz Composer. Read MediaLAB Amsterdam: Quartz Composer Flickr stream »

Arduino Moodlight library

Arduino library to control an RGB led with Hue, Saturation and Brigthness values. Read Arduino Moodlight library »

Arduino Scratch mapping example

If you want to use sensor data in your application you probably want to map the values to a different range. Below a visualisation of the formula that you can use for that. Read Arduino Scratch mapping example »

Flash QRcode reader as3

QRreader example that uses the QR Code Reader by Logosware (libspark project). Code is improved with Adaptive Threshold (by Quasimondo) and other small modifications to improve the QRcode detection. Read Flash QRcode reader as3 »

De Verleiding (The Seduction)

‘De Verleiding’ (the seduction) is an exhibition by the 2nd grade students of the study Art & Technology (Saxion, Enschede). The assignment: Make an interactive art installation that seduces people and that fits in a shop. In this post I highlight some of the installations. Read De Verleiding (The Seduction) »

MediaLAB Amsterdam : U-turm – Scryption

In the MediaLAB Amsterdam (Lab of the Applied University of Amsterdam) I’ve supervised a few project teams to help them find the right technical solutions for their projects. I’d like to highlight two of them. Read MediaLAB Amsterdam : U-turm – Scryption »

Visuals by code

Some resources I’ve mentioned in the lecture of ‘visuals by code’. An overview of toolkits you can use to design and make graphical work by writing code, some examples and a view useful books. Read Visuals by code »

Arduino Flash communication AS3 – Messenger

Example how to setup serial communication between Flash and Arduino in combination with the Messenger library for Arduino. This is usefull if you want to use Arduino in a different way than as a sensorbox (if you want that check out the As3glue Firmata combination in my other post). Read Arduino Flash communication AS3 – Messenger »

Arduino – Unity serial communication

Control parameters in Unity with sensors connected to the Arduino and control actuators connected to Arduino from Unity. Read Arduino – Unity serial communication »

Computer Vision : Blob tracking – Face detection

In this ‘Computer Vision’ article you can read about Blob detection and Face detection. I’ve included some video’s to give you an idea about the techniques and links to the most relevant code examples. Read Computer Vision : Blob tracking – Face detection »