Scratch OSC Bridge

YouTube Preview Image Send and receive OSC (Open Sound Control) messages with Scratch. You can interface Scratch with external sensors and OSC sending applications/apps. You can also use Scratch to send OSC data to control audio software, VJ software or creative applications. The bridge converts OSC messages to Scratch sensor and broadcast messages. More technical information about this you’ll find at: The application was build in Processing. You can download the application for OSX, Windows and Linux, a Processing Sketch is also available. Download Scratch OSC Bridge from Google code The downloads include some Scratch example projects with code commented. I’ve also implemented a smoothing algorithm to make movement more fluid.

Scratch TUIO

Move the Scratch cat with a TUIO client. Good TUIO trackers: More TUIO tracker implementations at

Scratch TouchOSC

YouTube Preview Image Move the Scratch cat with TouchOSC. Use the acceleration sensor data to move the cat. Change the color with fader5 and change the background with different layouts.

Scratch Bridge configuration

Configure the Scratch OSC Bridge with broadcast messages from Scratch. Instead of setting everything when starting the client, you can do this with broadcast messages from Scratch.

More info on OSC

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