OSC Datamonitor

Monitor incoming OSC data on your network. Read OSC Datamonitor »

Flash OSC and Unity OSC communication

For the Saxion Art & Technology project “Artist Impression” I’ve created some demo files for the students to make an easy start with Flash OSC (Open Sound Control) and Unity OSC communication. The files are made for the Digixperiment Project from 100% FAT. A big video wall that uses thermal cameras for motion tracking. The […] Read Flash OSC and Unity OSC communication »

MediaLAB Amsterdam: Quartz Composer Flickr stream

Flickr to polaroid style picture stream in Quartz Composer. Read MediaLAB Amsterdam: Quartz Composer Flickr stream »

De Verleiding (The Seduction)

‘De Verleiding’ (the seduction) is an exhibition by the 2nd grade students of the study Art & Technology (Saxion, Enschede). The assignment: Make an interactive art installation that seduces people and that fits in a shop. In this post I highlight some of the installations. Read De Verleiding (The Seduction) »

MediaLAB Amsterdam : U-turm – Scryption

In the MediaLAB Amsterdam (Lab of the Applied University of Amsterdam) I’ve supervised a few project teams to help them find the right technical solutions for their projects. I’d like to highlight two of them. Read MediaLAB Amsterdam : U-turm – Scryption »

Visuals by code

Some resources I’ve mentioned in the lecture of ‘visuals by code’. An overview of toolkits you can use to design and make graphical work by writing code, some examples and a view useful books. Read Visuals by code »

WordPress plugins

In this article you find an overview of the Wordpress plugins I use on this website. Read WordPress plugins »