I design and create creative applications for exhibitions, interior and events. Next to that I work as a teacher at the Art & Technology course of the Saxion University of Applied Sciences (Enschede) and in the MediaLAB of the HvA (University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam). I like to play and innovate with new technologies and tools. To combine and bring things together to perform something new. In my designs I always focus on the interaction and the experience. I often move away from standard mouse, keyboard and screen interaction, to keep interaction simple and clear. Both the design and the technology should facilitate the story that has to be told. As a teacher I teach in a wide range of subjects, to keep up to date in the whole ‘art & technology’ spectrum. Current subjects : compression and video technology, after effects, physical computing, electronics, programming ( processing ).


Since my childhood I have a great fascination for lights ( me, 3 years old, pushing the button on-off a dozen of times ). With lights ( and projections ) you can transform a space directly, it has a kind of magical touch to it. You can create very powerfull experiences when light responds to people or music.