NOS op 11

An interactive art installation for “NOS op 3” that uses raw video feeds from news agencies around the world.
Project briefing: Design an interactive art installation for “NOS op 3” and Dropstuff that uses raw video feeds, including their meta data, from news agencies around the world. The application has to be interactive. Passers-by should be able to control the installation with their smartphones. We’ve designed an installation inspired by the “Eleven is one louder” scene of Spinal Tap. We’ve added a layer of online information pulled from different online sources (like Google News, Flickr and to the video streams. The amount of added information can be controlled by a knob on the users smartphone. The higher the value, the less relevant the information will become. Adding just noise to the image. API’s used: Twitter, Google Maps, Google News, Flickr, Technologies used: Flash as3, HiSlope libary by og2tGlitch Generator code by Soulwire, JQuery mobile.
Concept, Design, Programming: Heinze Havinga & Kasper Kamperman
Mobile knob web application: Matthijs van Veen
Music in video: "Cold Summer Landscape" by Blear Moon
Exhibition : STRP 2011, Freemote 2011,
Website : Dropstuff - NOS op 11