Diorama identity

Concept for a museum exhibition about identity.
Concept for a museum in Twente developed together with WireLab. We were asked to pitch an idea for a diorama to present persons from different ethnic groups in Twente. What do they see as their identity and how is this identity influenced by other ethnic cultures in Holland. Together with Wirelab I’ve designed a suitcase diorama for in the museum, filled with elements of 12 chosen persons that represent the most important groups in Twente. Next to that there is a interactive installation where people can create and fill their own suitcase with objects (music, food, etc.) that represent them self. On a virtual luggage band people can check out suitcases of other persons. There is also an online version of the installation on the museum website. During the design we took the different learning styles theory of Kolb in account, so every visitor will find something interesting that fits their learning style in the installation.
Concept and content: Kasper Kamperman
Concept, design and previsualisation: Wirelab