About me

Hi, I’m Kasper. A Creative Developer with a focus on Digital Product Design based in The Netherlands. I create new user experiences by tinkering with different technologies and tools. I run an academic minor course named Creative Design & Technology and teach about Digital Product Design.

I can help you building digital web applications, MVPs, and interactive installations. I believe that experience comes first. Technology should always facilitate the user experience. I love problem-solving, and I’m happy to think along. Feel free to contact me.

I can help you:

  • building digital products and progressive web apps based on an amplitude of technologies. Tools in my toolbelt: Particle Photon (Internet of Things), Arduino, Processing, HTML/CSS, PHP, Javascript, Vue.js and Svelte. 
  • decide which technologies and products serve the best for your application and budget.
  • do customer research and user experience design (interaction and design for emotion).
  • to make products hear, see, feel, glow, move, show, sound, communicate, and …
  • to create courses and teach about Digital Product Design and Development. 

You can read more about me at my LinkedIn page. Below you see a selection of work I’ve done in the past.


BASYL24 ▷ MUSIC is a World Wide Radio station in Spotify. The station is run by a radio automation tool developed in PHP. This tool manages the stations Spotify Playlist. Songs are sourced from different pre-defined Spotify playlists (new songs, classics, fresh songs) to get a pleasant mix of music. The music director is Basyl de Groot, hence the name BASYL24 ▷ MUSIC. If you are interested in your own station in Spotify, don’t hesitate to contact me.

HeicDrop – An iOS Web Application

Share photos from your iOS Photo gallery (stored in the HEIC format) to AirDrop and receive them as JPEGs in your MacOS download folder.

Mobile First Camera App Template

A HTML/CSS/JS template to use the users camera in the webbrowser. Created to embed a camera-view in mobile web apps. 

Tutorial series – Programming in Processing – Creating Simon Says

Learn programming in Processing with this tutorial series for beginners. In this series I recreate the classic Simon Says game, step by step.

Lumiflow – Dynamic light objects with a relaxing effect.

Lumiflow is an evidence-based design to make people feel more relaxed and less stressed. Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information. Read more about my research in ambient visuals.

Light and interactive installations

On my projects page you find an overview of several light- and interactive installations I did in the past. My current focus is more on digital web applications. However, I love to share my knowledge on light-installations, show-control and interactive installations.