Mobile First Camera App Template (HTML, CSS, JS and WebRTC)

A mobile first camera template that serves as a starting point for developing a computer vision, AI vision application. Completely web-based (HTML,CSS,JS). It uses WebRTC and is intended for Android 7/8 (Chrome) and iOS 11 (and higher).

Save Image to Web with Processing and PHP

Processing demo code that shows how to upload an image from Processing to a web server. It takes a picture with your webcam and saves the image to a folder on your webserver with PHP.

How to add source links to image captions in WordPress

I needed to add some illustrative pictures to a blog article and I wanted to give proper credit to the photographers and link to their websites. I didn’t found a proper plugin that I liked so I created this solution.

Particle Photon RGB Cloud Remote Control

In this demo I show you how to create a simple JavaScript based web application that can communicate with the Particle Photon. With the app you can control color of the RGB led on the Photon with Hue, Saturation and Brightness sliders. The HSB>RGB conversion is done on the Photon and is also send back to the app to change the background of the title. You don’t need extra sensors, just a plain Particle Photon board.

Particle Photon RGB Local Remote Control

In this demo we use local communication to communicate with the Photon. This is a lot faster then communication through the Particle Cloud. Sending a message takes about 20ms instead of 300ms (and thats the timing of the Particle function and excluded the timing of passing the variable for the color).

Processing ColorWheel

Example code to draw a sliced color wheel with the bezierVertex() function in Processing.