Programming in Processing for beginners

Learn programming in Processing with this tutorial series for beginners. In this series I recreate the classic Simon Says game, step by step. It’s a great way to learn to create a small but complete digital product (in this case a game) from scratch. We start with reverse engineering the Simon game. In the introduction … Read more

Technical Prototyping a Compass Web App

Idea A while ago, I visited a look-out spot on the Holterberg. “Berg” means mountain in Dutch. In a flat country like The Netherlands we even call our smallest hills proudly mountains. Nonetheless, while I was there, I wondered which cities I could actually see in the distance. Of course, I could open up Google … Read more

Import CSV in MongoDB and keep it in sync.

Goal I’m working on a store and business locator service. Instead of building a User Interface to add addresses to a database, I like to keep track of all the data in an Excel/Google Sheets spreadsheet. This article explains how I build a script to import CSV in MongoDB and keep it in sync with … Read more

Particle Photon RGB Cloud Remote Control

In this demo I show you how to create a simple JavaScript based web application that can communicate with the Particle Photon. With the app you can control color of the RGB led on the Photon with Hue, Saturation and Brightness sliders. The HSB>RGB conversion is done on the Photon and is also send back to the app to change the background of the title. You don’t need extra sensors, just a plain Particle Photon board.