Arduino Flash communication AS3 – Firmata

Video tutorial on how to setup communication between Arduino and Flash (Actionscript 3.0) with Firmata and Serialproxy. You can download a bundle with examples and the libraries/software.

Update: The most recent version doesn’t use As3Glue anymore, but improved code. Documentation is included in the zip-file.

I’ve created a Flash monitor application with As3Glue to make it easier to start with Flash Arduino communication.

Glue is an ActionScript 3.0 library that enables communication between Flash and Arduino boards with Firmata. Since Flash cannot interface the serial port directly we’ll use Serialproxy in between. Serialproxy converts incoming serial data the XMLsocket data.

The monitor is useful to check if all the connections are working good. You can monitor directly all the sensors and actuators connected to your Arduino board.

The example code file is a start point to program your own things controlled by Arduino. Its support the normal Arduino board and the Arduino Mega.

Included files :

The Firmata library is included with Arduino itself. Make sure you use Arduino 018 or higher, because the Firmata library included in version 017 is not stable.

  • Update (12-05-10, v1.3): I’ve updated the code for the support of two servo motors (pin 9 and pin 10).
  • Update (17-09-10, v1.5): Program example simplified. Now executables included and hosted on Google code.
  • Update (11-02-11, v1.6): Program example included state-change example. Arduino UNO connection example in serialproxy.cfg.
  • Update (20-10-11, v2.0): Included support for the Arduino Mega in the program example. Thanks to Mochammad Effendi.
  • Update (03-04-14): New version. Doesn’t use as3glue at the Flash side anymore but a new implementation as was used our classes.

Download the zip-file: