OSC Data Monitor

Monitor incoming OSC (Open Sound Control) data on your network with this Processing application. I also explain in a video how OSC works.

I’ve developed this program so you can quickly check if you have communication with OSC sending equipment in your network. 

Currently there isn’t a signed app for MacOS (and security get’s tighter). You can work around this by making your security settings less tight, but it’s some extra work.

 I’m investigating if it’s worth it to put effort in creating the signed app. Since I’m giving away my software for free below I hope you could answer some questions in return in this TypeForm. Thanks in advance!

4 questions about a signed MacOs app

OSC Data Monitor 2 minute preview

Its developed in Processing and available for MacOs, Windows and Linux.

Download the monitor

Check the source on Github

Thanks to Andreas Schlegel (sojamo) for the execelent OscP5 and ControlP5 libraries on which this program heavily relies.

OSC Explained in 8 minutes