Arduino Scratch mapping example

If you want to use sensor data in your application you probably want to map the values to a different range. Below a visualisation of the formula that you can use for that.

Flash QRcode reader as3

QRreader example that uses the QR Code Reader by Logosware (libspark project). Code is improved with Adaptive Threshold (by Quasimondo) and other small modifications to improve the QRcode detection.

Arduino Flash communication AS3 – Messenger

Example how to setup serial communication between Flash and Arduino in combination with the Messenger library for Arduino. This is usefull if you want to use Arduino in a different way than as a sensorbox (if you want that check out the As3glue Firmata combination in my other post).

Computer Vision : Blob tracking – Face detection

In this ‘Computer Vision’ article you can read about Blob detection and Face detection. I’ve included some video’s to give you an idea about the techniques and links to the most relevant code examples.

Computer Vision: Frame differencing

In this ‘Computer Vision’ article you can read something about the Frame Differencing technique. I’ve included some video’s to give you an idea about the technique and some links the most relevant code examples.

Arduino Flash communication AS3 – Firmata

Video tutorial on how to setup communication between Arduino and Flash (Actionscript 3.0) with Firmata and Serialproxy. You can download a bundle with examples and the libraries/software.

Processing ControlP5 example 2: Style and setValue

In this follow up article (Processing ControlP5 example 1) an example on how to style (font, color) the ControlP5 interface elements and how to set their values, so you can use them also to monitor variables.