Processing ControlP5 example 1: user interface

The controlP5 library for Processing makes it easy to add knobs and buttons to your Processing applications. In this article an example how to add some interface elements (buttons, sliders etc.) and how to listen to their events.

Convert AVCHD to other codecs for more fluent editing

The AVCHD codec is a very processor intensive codec. A lot of computers have problem displaying and editing 1080i video ( resolution 1920 by 1080 ) video. When editing video its important to have fast and smooth playback. You can also apply and preview effects a lot faster when not working with AVCHD. In this article some options to convert AVCHD to DV to work with AVCHD in a more fluent way.

Arduino Programming – Map and smooth values

Learn how to use the Arduino map() function to change a variable number from one range to another. Also check the other example on how to smooth Analog Input values by taking multiple samples and average those.

Arduino Programming – Interval

How to write a program that fires actions with different intervals without using the delay() function. Configuration of the serial port and printing values is also explained.

Arduino Programming – State change

How to program a state change functionality. ‘State change detection’ is a method to see when a button is pressed or released. You can use it to fire a different action each press of a button.
In this tutorial the basic code structure ( setup, loop ) of Arduino script is also explained.

Render HD and SD movies for Vimeo with After Effects CS3

A video tutorial on how to render a composition in After Effects CS3 for Vimeo or You Tube. Including an overview of settings to make for HD video export and SD video export. The settings apply of course as well to other programs like Premiere.

Arduino Flash communication AS2

In this video tutorial I explain how to setup communication between the Arduino microcontroller board and Flash ( Actionscript 2). Example files are included.