Import CSV in MongoDB and keep it in sync.

Goal I’m working on a store and business locator service. Instead of building a User Interface to add addresses to a database, I like to keep track of all the data in an Excel/Google Sheets spreadsheet. This article explains how I build a script to import CSV in MongoDB and keep it in sync with … Read more

Programming in Processing for beginners

Learn programming in Processing with this tutorial series for beginners. In this series I recreate the classic Simon Says game, step by step. It’s a great way to learn to create a small but complete digital product (in this case a game) from scratch. We start with reverse engineering the Simon game. In the introduction … Read more

Technical Prototyping a Compass Web App

Idea A while ago, I visited a look-out spot on the Holterberg. “Berg” means mountain in Dutch. In a flat country like The Netherlands we even call our smallest hills proudly mountains. Nonetheless, while I was there, I wondered which cities I could actually see in the distance. Of course, I could open up Google … Read more