The Extract Project was started as a graduation project by Kasper Kamperman and Sebastiaan Elstgeest. The name Extract refers to “extracting” music and visual content to allow translation of this content to other senses.

The primary goal of the project was to create an experience which starts with the integration of music visuals, light and space and ends with delivering the proof that combined media have an enhancing effect upon each other. Besides that, the visitors can within certain limits influence the experience. An important element is the lounging furniture object. The audience public can experience this special type of furniture, while at the same time the furniture is an integrated part of the experience itself with its multiple synchronized light effects coming from the heart of the furniture piece.

To realize the project we approached students of different educational institutes in Enschede ( University of Twente, AKI, Saxion, conservatory ) and created a multidisciplinary team ( musicians, technicians, product designers, programmers and more ).

Extract wins Europrix (article in Dutch)