Hypoklisma / Zwarte Helden

Theatre plays with multimedia as the 2nd or 3rd actor.

For the theatre plays ‘Hypoklisma’ (2004-2005) and ‘Zwarte Helden’ (2007-2008) by Raymi Sambo I’ve created and assembled a (low budget) video playback and live camera system.

In both plays the screen acts as a 2nd/3rd actor, so fast response of graphics and video elements was essential.

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Video technology and editing : Kasper Kamperman
Artistic leader : Raymi Sambo
Actors : Raymi Sambo, Hanin Msellek (Hypoklisma)
Director: Monique van Hinte (Hypoklisma), Kees Jan Hundling (Zwarte Helden) With : Erik Langendoen, Remco Zwart, Davy Maengkom, Jantine Kraayeveld, Thom Leupen, Joop van Bemmelen.

Website : VIG