An interactive light installation to visualize music in a aesthetic way.

An interactive light installation commissioned by ‘Februari Muziekmaand Enschede’.

Several light pillars visualize the music by translating incoming music signals to light. The musical elements are floating up inside the pillars, so you can read the rhythm of the music. It enhances and intensifies the experience twice, by ear and by eye.

During the ‘Februari Muziekmaand’ the Drum’n’Bass’n’Piano trio RF&C did an improvisation performance on the light pillars. The installation was also used at Sencity Amsterdam the make music visible for deaf people.

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For : Februari Muziekmaand Enschede
Concept, Design and Production : Kasper Kamperman
Software programming : Erik Orbons
Music : Robinson, Freitag & Caruso

Past exhibitions : Februari Muziekmaand 07, Sencity Amsterdam 07, Versch 09-07